Moving back to Canon

After seven years shooting with Olympus micro four thirds, I thought it was time for a change. The first reason, and the most important, was the fact that Olympus was selling its photo business. So my lenses and bodies would never be worth as much. So I sold them on eBay for 30% more than I was offered by a dealer.

So now I have ditched a relatively light weight m4/3 system for a heavier full frame mirrorless system. True. The L series Canon glass is both heavy and very expensive but also very, very good.

The new camera, the R6, is fiendishly complex in depth but very easy to use naturally. The dynamic range is fantastic and like anything in life will be more convenient over time.

So do I regret the switch? So far no. The lenses are expensive but worth it.

expensive but the quality is phenomenal.

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