Death of Cinemas

Many things are set to change following Covid19. Some will be bad but some will be good and I believe the potential demise of cinemas will be good. Ouch, that sounds a bit harsh.

Let me explain. Cinema, the buildings not the film industry, is a scary place in the age of Covid. Sitting in the dark with strangers who are talking and reading their phones seems less than attractive when one sneeze and you’re heading for the exit clutching your facemask. So the environment isn’t brilliant.

The cost is also an issue. For me, the traveling, parking costs, food, tickets and the sack of stale diabetic ‘pick and mix’ makes the evening a £50 experience, and however good the seats, it seems expensive.

However, the real issue is the age-old debate of quality vs. convenience. DVD was a great quality audio format but who wants to cart DVDs around with them. MP3 is a file format like jpeg that is universal and highly compressed. So I ditched the DVDs and don’t own any music anymore. I just rent it via Youtube Music and have access to tens of millions of tracks.

I also own a decent 60″ TV and for me renting a film on-demand and being able to pause it during loo breaks rather than performing the ‘incontinent walk of shame’ is a true convenience. Yes, I know no home setup can compete with Dolby ATMOS and a 8k projector but we go back to MP3s and convenience trumping quality. Home beats a trip to the multiplex any day.

So goodbye cinemas your absence will force the movie studios to produce premium pricing models which deliver that first run experience and I can decide if I want to pay £40 for the new Bond film on the day or wait six months and rent it for £6

And if I want stale Nachos with a faux cheese sauce I can make those at home, just much better.

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