Dyson customer service. A study in dysfunction

A year and a half ago I bought a Dyson V10 as our old reliable Bosch had given up the ghost after 7 years. All went reasonably well and the battery lasted almost 20 minutes on medium power which meant that could could vacuum about 80% of the house. Use full power and it would lift the carpet but only last an anoying 10 minutes. Then it stopped working. I called Dyson and they send me a new motor and all was well until last month.

It stopped working again so I tried to call Dyson who I knew had fired 3000 staff mostly in customer service. I tried phoning,emailing, tried MyDyson online….nothing. Then got onto Twitter and some one replied the next day. Joy and bliss I thought. Could I describe the problem, could I video it, could I carve the issue into a Wiltshire hillside. Could I supply my serial number, postcode, name, could I provide my genetic sequence for the first 200 base pairs. Yes, Yes, Yes I chortled. I was told they had ordered a new battery for me.

It never came.So I bought a Hoover. But I told Dyson this and I got an email saying the new battery was on it’s way. I said not to bother I had a Hoover now. Then an engineer called to say that we would send me a new motor and battery.

Yesterday a battery and motor arrived by Royal Mail and an hour later a man from DPD arrived to collect my old Dyson and then Royal Mail with a third battery. The first new motor and battery works so I sent the rest back.

So I have had the following sent to me; one complete machines, one motor and three batteries

The supreme irony is that today I received a customer service questionnaire asking how my non-existent engineer visit went.

In contrast, my Samsung watch broke. I went to their web site and ordered a collection. DPD arrived the next day and returned the watch three days later.

The irony of this is that premium goods must come with premium service. Apple have built a good business on the Apple-tax or premium their products cost. It seems Dyson are happy to charge a premium but have taken the service element away.

So Sir James, I hope you enjoy Singapore and maybe while you’re there why not buy a call centre.

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