My guilty secret. I am a young female archiologist.

I have a confession to make. And it involves my iPad. It’s a low-grade addiction, not one that is taking over my life but one that does involve me pretending to be a young girl and rescue my uncle who always just happens to be either an inventor or an archeology professor. I’m not talking about some weird chatroom sex forum but rather hidden object games. In these games you have to solve puzzles and collect objects.

 This is the gaming equivalent of day time TV and is as far from Call of Duty and other FPS games as the My Little Pony is from Driller Killer or Surf Nazis Must Die. It is mental marshmallow and I love it.

The great thing is that all of the plots are the same; as the following synopsis shows:

You are a pretty young female (journalist/archeology student/niece) and visit your (professor’s/uncle’s/grandfather’s) room in his (lab/castle/mansion) to find him missing. There is a letter on the desk that says that he was investigating (time travel/ancient civilisations/unnamed mystery) and he has been kidnapped. You have to find the (lost amulet/time machine/mysterious stranger/gold cross) and he will be saved. 

You then travel from scene to scene finding hidden objects in cluttered rooms and the missing pieces of the (lost amulet/time machine/gold cross).  The titles are also completely interchangeable just combine four of the following words to make the title:


You can check them out at but beware you could get seriously addicted.

Yours sincerely

Jody Drake

(Aged 22)

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