Two very dead movies

I just watched two films in the last 48 hours: Six minutes to midnight and Ammonite. Both are dead to their core. Six minutes to Midnight features Eddie Izzard who wrote the film as an improbably British spy uncovering a nest of Nazi school girls in Bexhill on Sea. The problem is I never understood why letting them escape was such a bad thing except one had a list of every Nazi spy in Britain. It was just terminally dull and utterly banal. As someone wrote it was the sound of music without the songs. All the menace of an Ocado delivery that is 10 minutes late.

Then Ammonite, with Kate Winslett in a movie so dull that even the rather good sex scene is overshadowed by the banal story line. Kate starts out as the palenentologist with a thick Dorset accent when she rarely speaks but by the end is giving it full RADA elocution. She pays smouldering quite well but never seems to fall in love. So it is like following a car towing a caravan up a hill. Just very irritating and not much fun

I’d award the following stars

Six Minutes to Midnight 3/10

Ammonite 4/10

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