Opinion has killed truth: not all opinions are valid

Let me start by saying that I don’t care what you think. My opinion is equally valid to yours and in fact, because it’s mine, it’s more important.

So let me give you a couple of examples of where we are losing the Opinion vs Truth battle. On Christmas Eve three people in Northern England had a twenty-minute queue at the supermarket checkout the headline was ‘horror queues ruined Christmas’. So some twelve-year-old ‘journalist’ saw three tweets from stressed shoppers and took their opinions as facts. He actually took them as universal experiences that were true rather than the opinion of three random shoppers.

But where does this end? Social media is all about selfish opinion venting. Ban this film it is too scary, you are a Nazi because you disagree with me, this leader is a criminal (he is), etc. We must stop conflating opinion with fact. Truth is fact, opinions are subjective.

The endpoint is the current gender identity train wreck. If we encourage every opinion, and being nice liberals say that all opinions are equally valid, then we can allow in society and protect by law any gender viewpoint. So a man with a full beard and nature’s wedding tackle (meat and two veg) should be allowed to enter the women’s changing room at the swimming bath, tuck his junk into his size 29 one-piece bathing suit and hang out with the girls because he self-identifies as a woman (today). Rather than making a firm decision; he/she wants to be fluid about their gender.

A lesbian woman was criticised for refusing to sleep with a trans man because he had male sexual organs. I would have thought that an absence of male dangly bits was table stakes.

So why don’t we try an experiment? Let’s stop feeding the news cycle with the opinion of idiots and let’s draw a line under the boundless freedom to be ourselves. Otherwise, I will have to declare myself as a free-naturist and turn up on your next flight naked, with my box of emotional support Scorpions

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