IOT: The Internet of (Silly) Things Part II

smart meterI have been trying for six months to have free smart meters fitted for our gas and electricity supply. Not because I think we’ll save any money but because it is a pain in the backside to crawl about in the cupboard under the stairs trying to read the meters which some genius fitted at floor level. I have to limbo in armed with my phone hoping I can photograph the tiny number on the meter and then send them to Scottish Power every few months. Then they send a strange man every so often so I have to clear out all the junk so he can limbo in and do exactly what I just did a fortnight ago.

So imagine my joy when Scottish Power said they would fit free smart meters which would send my meter readings to head office in real time. My limbo dancing days would be over forever.

On the first attempt, I cleared the space and a lad turned up with his signal meter and proudly declared that he couldn’t get a signal under the stairs so he couldn’t fit the new meters. So no joy there then.

Today a new man came to visit, after I had been assured by Scottish Power than the new Type 2 Meters were much better. So I said to the bloke ‘before you start can you test the signal as phone reception in our town is poor’. ‘Sorry’, he said ‘we haven’t been given any testing equipment’. He agreed it was daft but as he said he gets paid whether he fits them or not. So he didn’t care one way or the other. He did admit that he had fitted three smart meters that day and none of them had worked.

So he and I huddled in the cupboard with our phones and proved we could only get one bar rather than the three minimum required.

I asked if the new meters could run on wifi and was told it was a security risk (really??). So unless Vodafone boosts its signal I will be left limbo dancing for the foreseeable future.

IOT 0 Old technology 1


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