The day that Scotland was a bit windy and I decided that Dundee was a good idea

Five days ago a new museum opened in Dundee. It is the V&A Design Museum and being a huge fan of powerful modern architecture I thought a quick trip was in order so I booked a flight to Edinburgh and a train to Dundee. All was on track for a sunset shoot at the V&A and then a sunrise shoot and then back on the train and plane and Home before it gets dark. Or so I thought.

I will admit that Storm Ali was quite windy and in fact a woman was killed when her caravan was swept over a cliff. Two questions spring to mind;why would you park your caravan on the side of a cliff ?and more importantly why would you hide in a caravan during a massive storm? Darwin Award time I fear.

So I rocked up to the most excellent Southampton airport and we took off only 10 minutes late as UK airspace had been blocked due to the wind. We took off and I’ll admit it was a bit bumpy but we got up and an hour later landed smoothly at Edinburgh. I jumped in a cab and we headed for Waverly Station and the cabbies radio was full of train cancellations so I checked and yes all the trains out of Edinburgh were cancelled. Merde thought I and told the cabbie to drop me at a hotel. He pulled into a massive multi-hundred room hotel and I was informed that the hotel was full because of the wind. The Scots are famed for their toughness but it seemed like a bit of a breeze and they cancel all public transport and close the schools.

Not good, so I grabbed a taxi and told him to drive into town and told my tale of woe. He said “I could take you to Dundee for £150”. I leapt at the chance as a reasonable hotel in Edinburgh would cost me at least that. So me and my new mate Abdul headed off on the 65mile trip to Dundee.

He was a lovely chap who made me keep talking as we crossed the many bridges on the way because he was afraid of heights.

On arrival in Dundee I began to see what the fuss was about. It was blowing a hooley so much so that a tripod was a non-starter and in fact my 15kg camera bag kept being blowing along the ground when ever I took it off. It was also bitterly cold and started to drizzle. So I took some pictures and will go back tomorrow morning when the wind had dropped to 40mph or something equally tame.

The museum is stunning and I look forward to seeing inside tomorrow.

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