The Royal Wedding is over…..finally

It’s been a funny old week in the UK. Basically, nothing has happened except the Royal Wedding. Our disastrous spiral out of world influence, forgotten. The economy, totally irrelevant unless it relates to the massive contribution the Royal Wedding will provide, which is of course nothing.

So how was it? I spent most of the time in the kitchen cooking for a drinks party we were having on Sunday so was spared some of the images but the audio was fairly stomach churning.

Friends and neighbours agreed that this was Britain at its very best. Only we can organise parties for the super-privileged and I agree. We do Victorian era costume parties better than anyone else.

But what about the service? It was all just a tad too inclusive. Michael Curry,the star of the show,was wonderful and refreshing but holy crap he went on too long. In the immortal words popular in America he ‘jumped the shark’. 12 minutes was far, far too long. And the happy-clappy gospel music seemed to be there just to say ‘we’re different.’

The UK bits were totally classy and forgettable, the American bits too long,heavy handed, boring and pointless. It was like a disco in a thousand year old chapel. Mildly diverting but irritating. I’m a fan of diversity but oh my lord this was laid on with a trowel, particularly in the TV coverage.

So in the end the British bits were perfect and the American bits were as natural and satisfying as a McFlurry. I appreciate the couple’s desire to break the mould, but it ended up as slightly too inclusive.

If you want the Brits to do a wedding call the Grand Pursuivant Master of Weddings and he will talk to the Honourable Baronet of the Bridal Chamber and you’ll get a proper wedding with lots of horses, trumpeters and stolen diamonds.

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