Why electronic boarding passes only work for octopuses


On a recent trip to Geneva I discovered I needed an extra arm or ideally two.  As an all round digital fan and general technology proponent I seized the opportunity to not only book our latest trip online but check-in, reserve our seats and issue boarding passes through the BA app.

So far the usual two arms had served me very well.  However,  the boys and girls who designed the app either have never been to an airport or travel with no hand baggage.

The problem was as follows.  Between arriving at the airport and getting to our seats I was asked for my boarding pass six times, including at two shops.

This involved, bags on the floor, unlock phone, open app, open boarding pass, hand phone to attendant, reopen boarding pass when they mistakenly touch the screen, turn off phone, phone in pocket, pull out passport, open to correct page.

On the return trip I tried a far simpler solution.  Ask nice BA man for an actual paper boarding pass.  Slip that into my passport and give the two to whomever asked for it.  This I could do one handed and still keep my free hand gripping the duty free.

So I fear until they can pop a NFC chip in my arm or I sprout an extra arm, I’ll be going back to paper boarding passes.


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