LRPS Advisory Day – The panel is finished…I hope.

For those who haven’t been following my saga, I decided a few months ago to try and get my ‘L’ or Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society. This involves having a panel of ten mounted images assessed by a group of RPS judges. 

In an attempt to produce something decent, I decided to turn to follow RPS members for some advice and posted a panel on the RPS Forum. A few forum members took the trouble to provide some really useful criticism and I got some great advice. So I scratched my head and redid parts of the panel. I dropped for the printing as they were very expensive and slow and went to Photobox who were fast and much cheaper.

I dropped the mono shots and tried to create a overall theme that is tonally similar but contains a variety of style and subject matter. 

I have now mounted the 10-12 alternatives for my Advisory Day on February 15th so I’m feeling pretty chilled out about it all now. Skip forward a few weeks and I’ll be a wreck after the advisors rip the panel apart and I’m forced to retreat to my photographic cave and lick my wounds. Watch this space.



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