Dawn photography – the antidote to Christmas

After a Christmas filled with a bad cold, too many parties and grey skies, I was looking forward to a chance to get out with my camera and try and get some half decent shots. So for reasons I can’t quite understand even now, I got up at 5am and drove off to Boscombe Pier near Bournemouth. 

I chose this for no other reason than it might be an interesting spot for some long exposure photography and the wind was strong enough that the waves may not be pounding but would at least be interesting. So I headed off in the dark and drove to the deserted beach to set up my camera, try and avoid frost bite and capture the pier.

Then a bit of Lightroom and Photoshop love later and I had four shots I’m happy with. An unexpected result and it reminded me that often the best results come when you set expectations low and just go for it.


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