LRPS insecurity – all my shots are rubbish

So I’m now in the third of Dante’s circles of hell – self-doubt. OK the third circle was gluttony which is pretty appropriate on Christmas morning. So we’ll take gluttony as read, as I wolf down another of my home made salted caramel. (Note from Cardiologist: Home made salted caramels are not a recommended health food. Don’t do it man, it’s very,very naughty)

Back to photography. The story so far is that I’ve selected my ten panel shots for my advisory day in February. I printed 6″x4″ test shots which was a brilliant idea if I say so myself, and then decided to print my panel.

Now doom and despair

I used and chose matt prints because I thought they’d look sophisticated. Horror. They all look flat and lifeless, I hate them all. I must start again……..give up photography…..take up flower arranging. Join an order of Benedictine monks, throw my camera into the sea and slope-off, a hunch-shouldered wreck. 

Then I decided to cut some mounts by hand. Even worse, especially as I decided to put my cutting board on the bed. Two hideously tortured mounts later I slunk back into my lair to consider a life of stamp collecting.

So what are my options. Spend £650 on a decent printer and finally print the images I’ve chosen…. properly. Choose different images and then set my LRPS back a year? I decided to sit down with YouTube and learn a bit more about printing from Lightroom & Photoshop and after printing a rain forest full of alternative versions made one that I don’t hate. At last the quality is there but now the little insecurity demon on my shoulder is saying “Are you really sure it’s good enough?” You can see it here. I chose it because it would act as a natural top left hand image acting as a frame for the panel of ten. But I now hate it.

So I’ll probably replace it with this shot of Boston….or maybe something else entirely. Aaaagh,

This is the hardest thing about the process, choosing ten images that showcase your range as a photographer but not necessarily your ten best images. So I’ve come in from the window ledge and have decided to make a few (honest only a few) changes to my panel, mount five more and then have a suitcase of other prints in reserve for my Assessment Day on 15th February. 

In the meantime, have a very Happy Christmas, get out and take some shots and don’t try and print anything. A combination of champagne, red wine, turkey, Christmas pudding and Adobe RGB (1998) are not healthy.







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