Going for the L

It’s been a strange year photographically for me. I managed to get away to India to shoot the Holi festival and did quite a nice series of shots at the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth but my work with Lymington Town Sailing Club definitely got in the way of my photography. So for 2015 I’ve decided to rectify this and have a shot at getting my LRPS.

The LRPS or Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society is the first of three distinctions awarded by the RPS and involves me submitting a panel of 10 mounted images to be judged at the RPS HQ in Bath. This will mean going to an advisory day and having my panel picked apart, then a month or so of panic before a nerve racking assessment day.

So why am I bothering? I think that by challenging myself I should become a better photographer, become a lot more self-critical of my own work and learn a thing or two along the way. It will undoubtedly be filled with much frustration but that’s part of the process.

My plan is to attend an advisory day in October as an observer, then put my panel into an advisory day in March 2015 followed by an assessment day in July 2015. So I’ve joined the RPS and am on my way. Come back in a few months for angst ridden posts about paper quality, image selection and general photographic paranoia.




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