A tentative return to the blog

After almost a year of silence I’ve decided to try once again and get this site restarted, update some of the photographs and generally apply the electrodes to its rather still corpse. I was prompted by a number of things including a shiny new PC to work on but in all honesty the fact that Squarespace are not developing mobile apps for the old V5 sites.

I even tried to export the data from the old site and then close it but frankly the export was such gibberish I thought it would be easier to just move the site to the new V6 platform and carry on.

So what can you expect in the new, improved Mark’s Musings. Probably more rants about hideous web sites that don’t work and hopefully a lot of new images. I haven’t decided how I deal with all of the photographs I’ve taken in the last twelve months. I’ll probably scatter them in the old pages and push them out as blog updates. 

Anyway it’ll be fun working it all out. So expect a few posts on subjects like; why all builders are feckless, Ferrari driving bastards, DPD couriers are like a collection of needy girlfriends and why most on-line retailers have clearly never heard of Amazon.

So keep dropping by and we’ll see how it goes. 

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