The wierd world of local club speakers

In our new life in Lymington, Elly and I have joined a number of clubs and societies and one thing that they all have in common is guest speakers. This seems to be the lingua franca of local clubs, so when in doubt get a speaker in. From the Lymington Society to the Camera Club, from the Sailing Club to the Fine Arts Society they all have speakers. And the quality varies dramatically. Basically from Richard Dawkins to Les Patterson.

So here is a quick run down of the three key speaker types.

1. The Pro

These speakers are experts and know how to present. They use animation and special effects like perfume to add an accent rather than to choke the sences. We’ve seen great speakers on topics from Botticelli to Belle Epoque. 

2. The Enthusiast

These presenters know their stuff and tend to present a series of slides. Let’s be honest a large number of slides. A really large number. But they know their subject and rely on enthusiasm

3. The Trainwreck

Here we meet the Les Pateson level with speakers who knew a lot about the subject in 1972 but since then, when they retired haven’t kept up on the subject. They get bogged down with the trivia that no one is interested in and mumble and fluff their way through the evening.



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