W H Smith: Where yesterday’s products go to die

A recent trip to WH Smith was an eye opener. If you’ve ever wondered where yesterday’s hot products get remaindered look no further. Its either a conscious decision or inept buying because so much of what they sell is either rubbish or peaked in popularity six months ago.


Take these as examples

50 Shades of Grey (peaked October 2012)
Norton Anti Virus (never good but now online)
OHP film (overhead projectors were last used in 1973)
Calculators (every mobile phone could add up after 1989)
Top Gear 2013 wall calendars (hello its May 2013 now)

They are either completely out of touch or their buyers have watched too much Only Fools and Horse. It’s a market stall with doors.

There’s not a single reason I can find to go to a branch and if you were wondering why I did, I needed a cardboardbox to ship an item and you guessed it, they didn’t have any. That’s because a cardboard box would be both useful and contemporary.

Goodbye W H Smith you wont be missed



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