5 reasons why I hate crushed ice

OK, this isn’t a global problem effecting millions nor a social issue ruining the lives of thousands but rather a major irritant….for me. Ice isn’t a complex thing for the average householder. You use it to cool drinks, nurse a bruise or cool your illicit still. What ever the use, you require ice ……CUBES. Here’s why

1. Crushed ice melts

If you want to chill your G&T you need something that melts like a glaciar not like a snowdrop in a blast furnace

2. Crushed ice is impossible to get in a glass

Unless you have asbestos hands you end up scooping ice crystals into the glass with your fingers

3. Crushed ice is for hairdressers

Can you image Phillip Marlow or Ernest Hemmingway asking for a Bourbon and crushed ice. I think not

4. Crushes ice is lazy

The reason bartenders use crushed ice is it saves them time. They slosh in the Creme de Menthe and voila in ten seconds they have a cold drink. Lazy. A decent handful of cubes and a shaker would make a far more acceptable drink.

5. Crushed ice a the triumph of over thinking

Like so many new technologies, crushed ice seems to be the Apple of frozen water. Smaller and lighter isn’t better. I don’t want a mobile phone the size of a credit card nor a watch the size of a squirrels testicle. I want something that isn’t broken nor ever has been. Ice cubes are excellent and just work. Crushed ice is the spawn of a demented, hair-dresser, Satan.



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