Android a month on

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for over a month now and here is the verdict. Simply stunning. I mean really, really stunning. Samsung fills the phone with bloatware but you can delete it unlike certain apps in IOS. You then load the apps you really want and to date I haven’t found any app that isn’t available on Android. Yes, you’re bound to know of some but for me the ones I use are all there.

The real magic happens when you start installing a few apps. I started with Tasker which is legendary in the Android community, with this the world of customisation opens up like a flower. I set up the phone so it doesn’t trigger the lock screen when I’m near my home wifi, at night it turns off notification sounds but allows phone calls. When I’m near my car bluetooth it opens a car control panel, rotates the screen to landscape and launches the free Google navigator.

I’ve set up tasks that text my wife when I’m within 300 metres of a road in the New Forest so she’ll know I’ll be home within fifteen minutes. The list goes on.

Nothing is perfect but I really believe that Android is beginning to deliver the real functionality that we all want, combined with Google Now the future is looking really exciting. Now the gauntlet has been thrown down for Apple and I’m convinced they will step up to the mark. it isn’t about user interface or operating system anymore, its about UE (User experience). And I can’t wait


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