Android: The day the music came back

My last post (Apple: the day the music died) suggested that Apple’s innovation had stalled and I still agree that this is the case. Since then I have traded in my iPhone 4 for a humungous Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This is a phablet so large that people stop and stare, then laugh, make mastabatory gestures and walkaway – a phone with a 5.5 inch screen. However, lets be honest its not a phone . It’s a tablet that can make calls.

Why woud I carry a phone the size of a 1980′ s mobile? The reason is that it is stunningly good. I can view web pages and emails without having opthalmic surgery which is a bonus as I get older. Beyond that I can set up my phone/tablet so it works for me not Cupertino.

When I place it face down it mutes calls – cool. When I want podcasts they just appear when they are released. When I was driving home a Google Now page popped up telling me of the delays en route and the likely arrival time. all effortlessly, in the background without the dread hand of Apple’s style police.

In short I have a phone, that replaces SatNav from TomTom, disregards the hideous iTunes, integrates all my email, contacts and calenders invisibly, and has every app, and every function I want in a way that is customisable to the way I want to use it.

So, I’ll keep my iPad as it’s a great tablet but goodbye Apple, IOS is over


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