IPhone 5: The day the music died

I am a tart. I will go where the technology is coolest and at the moment the coolest tech is on Android. I bought a Nexus 7 tablet and thought it was outstanding value until I started to customise it and then I knew why my next phone will be an Android. But this isn’t the the reason I’m writing this. We have been on a five year orgy of technology innovation, the newest, the coolest, the most beautiful but we’ve run out of road. The future is incremental, as Apple itself said…. this is evolutionary

It’s a funny old world where we’ve reached the zenith of design with cookers, ovens, boilers and so forth. You don’t see sad fanboys queue for hours for the next Ford or Bosch but you do for Apple whose products have necessarily stalled. In the years to come the next iPhone will be as important as the next Hotpoint or Zanussi.

But don’t worry Apple fanboys, just as you lose faith in Apples phones they will bring out something wonderful like a TV or something reprehensibly shite like their new ear pads/nanos/touches

So while we used to drool over PC specs and now don’t care, we’ll someday soon be equally fixated over augmented reality, glasses or something we’ve never heard about.




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