The serendipity of unexpected combinations or why weird stuff works

On a recent trip through Geneva duty-free I was given an astonishing free gift. Astonishing if you are both a nerd and a smoker. The item in question was a combination 40GB USB drive and rechargeable electric cigarette lighter. Plug it into your desktop, transfer a chunk of data and light 50 cigarettes on the go.

This lead me to ponder what other stunningly, well targeted combo-products, could be out there for travellers.

Padlock travel adapter

This rather large suitcase padlock doubles as a universal travel adaptor and USB charger in more than 40 countries. Sadly your suitcases look a bit industrial but you’ll never lose the travel adapters again.

iPad cup holder

The major problem using an iPad on on a long flight is that you have nowhere to put your drink. With the iPad Cup Holder you have a small cup holder that sits on your iPad so you can sip cool(ish) beverages while watching a movie on your iPad.


Too many times you need to scrabble for a pen to fill out immigration forms, find your passport, or dig out your travel documents. The Airbandelero solves these problems. A series of straps that allow you to hang important documents from your seatbelt for easy access and then strap your duty-free to your back as you leave the plane. Not an elegant look but travel isn’t a fashionable business.

Enormostraw wristband

So often you need to put your drink on another flip-down tray but how do you drink from it? Unleash the Enormostraw Wristband. Cunningly concealed as a charity wristband this enormous straw will reach to 54B.

Bording pass headband

This isn’t a high fashion item but at least you have your boarding passes handy and the stewardesses can just peel them off your forhead. You’ll look a bit like John McEnroy without the skill or tennis rackets.




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