My Satnav is possessed by Edward Heath

Older readers may remember a seminal speech given by the then Prime Minister Edward Heath in Brussels in 1972. He chose to give it in French and his accent was no less than formidable. The plummy voiced statesman mangling French pronunciation has always stood as an example of how we Brits just can’t get to grips with communicating in any other language.

So imagine my surprise on buying the TomTom app for Western Europe to find that our erstwhile PM’s diction is alive and well in digital form. I had the pleasure of experiencing ‘John’ in both French and Italian and his French is marginally worse. Here are some examples

Par-i The Capital of France
Tur-i-no Home of the shroud
Jean-e-var The capital of Switzerland
Mon-blank-tune-elle A big hole in a mountain

So Monsieur Hearh , wherever you are,your legacy is alive and well on my iPhone


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