The world’s greatest salad

I came across this outstanding recipe a while ago but must pass it on. It combines rich confit of duck, cashews and watermelon. Sounds unusual but it is stunning.

Serves 2

1x can of confit du canard (2 pieces)
2 small packs of Waitrose fresh watermelon or about 2 small handfuls
3 giant spring onions
1x bag of salted cashew nuts
2 tomatoes
1 bag of gentle salad leaves
Hoi sin sauce
Chinese five spice powder (optional)
Soy sauce

Make a dressing of hoi sin sauce, soya sauce and a pinch of 5 spice. Balance with warm water to ensure its not too salty. Add palm sugar if needed. Make a salad with salad leaves, cashews and water melon. Keep the watermelon in large chucks. Add spring onions cut into quarters and tomato.

Heat the confit for about 10 minutes. Dress the salad with the hoi sin dressing, pop the duck on top and serve.


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