When Waitrose lost the plot

I’ll admit that I’m a Waitrose junkie. Hopelessly addicted to their wonderful mix of quality and customer service. I can even forget that my grocery bills have risen by at least 20% since I started shopping there but the experience is so great I no longer care. I waft around the store in Lymington with my scanner zapping insanely expensive items into my shopping cart without a care in the world.  

I also used to think that Waitrose ready meals were pretty good. Until today.

Now I understand that everyone is looking for good value in these tough times but there is a moment when the drive for ‘value’ starts to devalue the brand. Enter the Waitrose Oriental Dinner for Two. This is current sold at 30% off for about £6,50. Common sense tells you that you cannot get a four course Chinese meal for two for £6.50. But as a mug I bought one. Blame fatigue, blame busy, blame lack of focus but I bought this horror show.

It contained 4 spring rolls containing semi liquid vegetarian slime, sweet and sour chicken that had the flavour of a Pot Noodle without the convenience. The beef was fettid and tasted of Bovril rather than anything oriental. The rice was simply disgusting, a soggy lump of over heated starch.

I’ve eaten meals on third world airlines that tasted far better than this. So my advice? Stir fry a bit of chicken with a few vegetables and some soy sauce. You’ll thank yourself.

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