GetAmen. The lamest social media service ever?

GetAmen is the a perfect example of why social media is in danger of becoming an echo chamber for the idiot tendency. Already Twitter is full of inarticulate morons who think Yo Moma jokes are the height of wit and sophistication and that calling all women bitches some how makes them look cool.  Just look in the search section any day for such gems as #terriblenamesforavagina or #bitches. A few moments ago some bard penned the immortal Tweet im tired of fuckin wit dese bitch ass #Bitches

With levels of interaction of this calibre enter the brainchild of CEO and Founder Felix Petersen and the concept is really simple.  A person, place or thing is deemed to be the best or worst ever and you vote Amen or Hell No.  That’s it.  What blows my mind is what value does this provide to anyone.  Currently 2 people have ‘Amen-ed’ that Albert Einstein is the worst inventor ever. So what? What does that mean.  What am I supposed to do with this information? 

I’m sure their intention is to build some recommendation engine so that we all go ‘hey, Chez Cockroach is the best French restaurant in Croydon ever’.  But even then it is without context or depth.  Life isn’t that binary, we humans want shades of grey.  That’s why Facebook uses Like as a sign of assent not Love or Adore. Can your ever imagine taking the time to vote on such nonsense as  ‘Nairobi is the best place for uncertainty next week’ or ‘Michael Foucault is the best daddy in Uppsala’?.  I have no idea what the last one means at all.

So let’s get back to social media being about interaction not just shouting into the technology void. The truth is we need more long-form opinion like Google+ and less attention seeking, time wasting, trivia.

Postscript.  ‘Your Mom’ has now been voted the worst inventor ever and Einstein is down to second place. Thank goodness for that, I was almost worried that my mother’s chicken recipes were winning over the General Theory of Relativity.

Update November 2014. The site has now closed – unsurprisingly.

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