The lights are going out all over Europe

The EU in its most tree hugging wisdom has decided that incandescent light bulbs are to be phased out by 2011. So I’m down to my last 4 bulbs. From now on, unless suppliers in Lymington get stocks I’ll have to start moving to Eco-bulbs. These may ultimately save the planet but saints preserve us, the new bulbs are s**t. I really don’t want to read books in yellow, candle light. At my age I need motorway white, retina searing 100w brightness not tree-hugger beige.

So maybe i’ll have to start behaving like a neo-Armish survivalist. I’ll start swapping 100w bulbs for crack in the local parks, bringing in a few thousand bulbs from Jersey under cover of night. Until then man the barricades, repel boarders, take to the streets.


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