Halifax: Terrible,hateful advertising

I’ve recently retired from the ad agency business after 25 years, and feel that I can now turn the fire hose of my vitriol, my bile canon, on one of the most hideous campaigns ever conceived. I don’t just blame the agency who should hang their head in shame and take it off their show reel. I blame the 20 year old product manager who thought this deranged piece of garbage was cool and the senior management that spanked tens of thousands of pounds (of our money) on this travesty.

I’m talking about the Halifax campaign and in particular the toilet remnant (I’m being polite) called “Ice,Ice,Baby”. As cool as watching your drunk Dad dance at a disco and as pleasurable as French kissing your Grandmother.

Hideous, Vile Shite

As someone posted on the BadAds site (http://www.bad-ads.co.uk/halifax-again-ice-ice-baby-224

“This is really up there with the most annoyingly moronic adverts of all time. The gormless looking man with the helmet haircut that looks like a wee boy who’s getting to play with giant earphones for the 1st time ever. The slightly older sister type who somehow beleives that by linking Ice IceBaby with ISA’s will make them seem more credible and understandable to the masses. The stupid headshake dance. The “oh I get it now” look from the retard.

This advert makes me embarrassed to work in a bank and if I worked for Halifax my resignation would be on the table tomorrow.”

 If you haven’t seen it, visit the link above but please bring a sick bag.  If you have, you’ll know that this is the low spot in 21st Century advertising, when the pressures of ever decreasing budgets,lack of imagination and crazy deadlines forced the agency to come up with total crap and after the first 7 scripts had been rejected as being too radical,creative or expensive. A numskull client deserves this level of creative garbage.  

My simple advice is not to trust your money to any organisation that can allow this degenerate rubbish to be produced.  I am observing a minute’s silence for all the great ideas that have been lost along the way by clients that can’t see a good ideas unless it jumps in their laps, licks their face clean and then submits 5 research reports.

Time to lie down in a dark room…….Halifax you just killed your brand.  Hatech’a, hatech’a….baby


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