Travelodge: A breath of honesty in a cynical world

I’ve stayed in some of the best hotels in the world and the Travelodge Heston Services (Eastbound) isn’t one of them. Not the Oriental in Bangkok or Chewton Glen and a long way from Le Manoir au Quat Saisons. However, unlike Ryanair it isn’t a cynical rip-off either. For under £30 a night you get a clean, reasonably large room and a functional bathroom.  They don’t charge a premium if you have luggage, don’t charge to park your car nor in fact try to gouge you in anyway if you want to breath, sleep or perform any bodily functions.  

In short, it’s no-frills travel without the cynical Michael O’Leary twist.  This should be a lesson for Ryanair.  Don’t sell tickes for pound but rather sell them for £30 and provide some minimal level of customer expectation. The chavs you’ll lose will be replaced by reasonable human beings who will appreciate not being conned and ripped off.

So well done Travelodge. Value for money in a venal world.  Tonight I’m enjoying Heston Services (Westbound)  Compare and contrast.



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