Lymington: A town divided by cheap lager

For those who didn’t know Lymington in Hampshire, where I now live has been dubbed the ‘snootiest town in Britain’ because it rejected a high volume pub chain. It is a charming Georgian market town and yes it is upmarket having a disproportionate number of the super wealthy due to its sailing heritage. But the debate has polarized the town. The north side are basically in favour, the south side against.

I’ll lay my cards on the table.  I want Lymington to remain special and I don’t want an army of polyester clad chavs coming to Lymington because the beer’s under £2 a pint.  It’s the same reason I’m glad we don’t have a beach or a decent transport system. Lymington isn’t perfect but it’s as near as I’ve seen in quite a while; so I’ll man the barricades to keep out Witherspoons, KFC and the other hordes of vomit inducing mediocrity that haunts the high streets of Britain. 

In case you wondered I’m part of the South Side Massive, init

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