Back to Tokyo

Back to Tokyo
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Either through luck or judgement I made it to the platform early and decided to sacrifice my pre-booked seat on the later train for the earlier one and found myself and my outrageously heavy luggage a spot in compartment three. As always the ride was smooth as silk and I changed trains for a twenty minute hop to Shinjuku station in central Tokyo. All very painless and I emerged to another hot Tokyo day and checked into the lobby of the Century South Tower. This occupies floors 20-35 in a large office block. Perfectly pleasant but very anonymous. Would I call this a superior hotel, probably not. It was painting by numbers but perfectly adequate. I had a room on the 35th floor which had a fantastic view.

Nipped out to Time Square, a colossal shopping mall near Shinjuku station. 14 floors and 37 restaurants. Shopped for Elly at UniQlo which was reasonable cheap and then got lost in the home ware section. Absolutely fell in love with Japanese home ware especially the most beautiful bowls and vases, then significantly poorer headed off for a nap.


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