On my way

On my way
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

As I was doing this trip solo, my wife Elly and I had cup of coffee in Kensington before I braved the long stay parking at Terminal Three Heathrow. Apart from the soulless charm of an rather dreadful second hand car lot, I got myself to T3 easily and checking in with Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy was a breeze. Privilege does have its rewards.

Grabbed a scene setter for lunch – sushi inevitably, and was soon on the flight seated next to a man who sold flight simulators and he was as happy as Larry travelling on business to train ANA on how to fly the new Boeing plane. Not being a plane nut, the old eyeballs were rolling but thankfully a Japanese family needed to switch seats and I found myself next to the quietest woman in Europe. Then I broke my usual rule and had food in flight; in this case an excellent Bento box filled with tasty and unrecognisable animal parts and vegetables. Two Valium later we were landing in Narita.

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