Objectogram – making sure your wedding goes with a bang

A colleague came up with a new twist on the wedding stripogram format.  It’s an objectogram.  At the crucial point in the ceremony when the congregation are asked “Does anyone know why these people should not be man and wife” your objectogram springs into life.  Here are your choices

  • Bigamist (select the number of existing spouces you require)
  • Illegitimate child/children (select number and colour)
  • Gay lover (select gender)
  • Arresting Officer (select crime: paedophilia, murder, armed robbery)
  • Crack Whore/Junkie (select drug and gender)
  • Mad Girlfriend/Boyfriend (specify how crazy you require)
  • Drunk Uncle (specify singing, objecting or vomiting)
  • Knight in Shining Armour (Requires church with access for horse)

Best wishes Jon on your wedding>

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