I’ve got crabs and I’m proud of it

Lymington is famous for many things; sailing, civility, wildlife, zero crime, the world’s most cathartic newpaper (Lymington Times), sunshine and crabs. Yes, just off the shore are thousands of the little chaps and a child with a string and a paper clip can fill his bucket any day of the week.  Sadly, the British don’t care, so Lymington sells it’s catch to the French and Spanish and apart from a sad little stall in the Saturday Market you can’t buy a fresh crab in Lymington. The reason seems to be that the citizens of France and Spain love our crabs and snap them up by the ton but the British see them as a bit too much like hard work. So in a semi-obsessional quest, I determined to find a local source. After a pint or two at The Ship I got into a conversation with a fisherman who had telltale remnants on his deck. He pointed me at Steve who runs ‘the small blue boat over ther’ and in turn with Joan who owns S&J Shellfish in Wallhampton (across the river). If you’re a crab addict head for 

S & J Shellfish
Snooks Farm
Snooks Lane
Hampshire SO41 5SF


01590 688501 Magnify telephone number


So on Saturday, we stopped off for some light strawberry picking and then met with Joan. Joy, bliss and unlimited happyness.  The local crabs are fantastic, cheap (£4 each) and fresher than pulling them out of the Solent yourself.  She’s just started selling direct so get yourself down to Snooks Lane as fast as you can. She also does local lobsters if you give her a day’s notice. Say hello lobster, goodbye bank balance. 


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