Is the best thing about Lymington the lack of pepperoni in your letterbox?

Having made the decision to split our lives between London and Lymington, I was wondering what I would miss most about the 24 hour-a-day life in London.  In short the answer isn’t much.  Yes, I like living in a place that has cinemas, black cabs and airports but I don’t miss the following.

  1. My letter box being stuffed with offers of hungryman gargantua pepperoni pizzas (2 for 1 on Thursdays) or free local newspapers full of mugging stories
  2. I shed no tears for the smell of McDonalds in a lift
  3. I don’t miss being stopped by tourists and asked if I speak English
  4. or pubs near football grounds selling drinks in plastic glasses
  5. I have no nostalgia for litter nor the half-wit school kids who drop their takeaways on the pavement
  6. I enjoy the lack of perpetual road works and being cut up by Lebanese plumbers in eleven year old untaxed vans
  7. I appreciate cyclists who ride for fun rather than some sort of political statement
  8. I like it when the local issues that matter are the scout troop and the seawater baths rather than rehousing violent sex offenders near schools.
  9. I love waking up to the sound of bird song not burgler alarms.

So if nostalgia hits me and I need a reassuring connection with the past there always the Bosphorous Kebab shop next time I’m in London. With extra chilli.




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