Am I too stupid to watch Tv?

I’ve noticed a recent trend that is driving me nuts. In the old days (like a year ago) a TV show would run for 11, 13 or 26 episodes and would be shown on one channel in a vaguely sequential order.  As a poor, simple minded viewer, you began to expect that that Kojak was on Saturday night or that the Sweeney was on a Thursday.  It would run for a few montths, take a break and come back in the Autumn.  So life, in terms of TV, was pretty simple.

Then we bought Sky+ and had a million useless channels we never watch and a few that we do. Then these channels began to divide like wierd cancer cells so that Men and Motors become Dave and then Dave +1 and shortly Dave +2 or +3 or based on their current output the Top Gear Channel followed by Top Gear +1, +2.

So far, so good, but then the cretins who run these channels decided that the way to make money was to buy the rights to key shows and even multiple series and fire-hose them across as many channels as possible.

So you now have the insane situation where programs with a 13 week runs have a mid-season break or two, then a preview episode or four is shown.  Then all the other channels promote the older series and as a result, I have no frigging clue what series I’m watching and in what order.

This is probably a conspiracy from the DVD manufactrers so we get to a point (like me) where we have no idea what we’re watching and just buy DVDs.




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