The legal system and the hare

OK this is catharsis, a sad excuse for me to vent my spleen, to blow-off on the insane world of moving house in the UK. What I’ve found after months of trying to move house is that I thought the web and technology in general, would have speeded up the process of buying a house but it hasn’t.  The problems are, however, all the fault of the legal system. If we had to write to Amazon to buy a book or travel to Scotland to get a mortgage we’d never do it. But the legal system in respect of the house buying is stalled in 1956.

You can change apply for a passport, order a new driving licence or pay your taxes online but for some reason buying a house involves you in certifying your identity and lodging your ownership via set of worthless, historical document called deeds, that are flammable.

So I vote for the following process.  Ownership is held on a central database like the Land Registry. The seller provides all guarantees and information on the property (as in the US), then you buy the property and if anything goes wrong you sue the vendor or estate agent.  Simple quick and the hare wins. Viva the hare, screw the tortoise.




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