Is Facebook is bigger than America?

Countries have always been measured by population, but in reality, nation states are simply a convenient way of measuring geographic boundaries with some common political system, filled with people who often have different languages and religions. 

Maybe another way of looking at the world is through shared experiences. We have a more universal experience of Coca Cola than we do of Catholicism if the numbers alone are to be believed. So I decided to rank the nations of the world against some companies and their customer bases. It was interesting. There are more people alive who know Star Wars than are living in Russia and more people use Internet Explorer regularly than live in India.

So maybe in the future, wars won’t be waged between nations but customers. Although I think this is already happening. What is PC vs Mac but Protests and Catholics or Google and Bing but Christians and Muslims.

China 1,338,000,000 Internet Explorer 938,000,000
India 1,156,000,000 Microsoft Windows 920,000,000
United States 307,000,000 Facebook 350,000,000
Indonesia 282,000,000 Vodafone 330,000,000
Brazil 190,000,000 Gone with the wind  202,000,000
Pakistan 174,000,000 Firefox 186,000,000
Bangladesh 156,000,000 Walmart 180,000,000
Nigeria 149,000,000 Starwars  143,000,000
Russia 140,000,000 HSBC 128,000,000




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