Kitchen W8 – terrible name, fantastic restaurant

Despite the review by AA Gill which I slated on an earlier blog Kitchen W8 (Abbingdon Road, London) is a gem, a jewel and a star.  On a Saturday lunch, it was filled with wealthy locals, not wannabe hair dressers, or fashion victims but rather ordinary people who live near enough to walk there. In my world, if you walk to a restaurant you are a local not a visitor.

The food is French/European and a sensible mix.  Things you’d want to eat rather than an incomprehensible list of ingredients you can’t recognise. The words salsify, enrobed and carpaccio were happily not on the menu.

The eel was stunning as was the mouseline of foie gras.  On to the next course, the venison and coq au vin were wonderful.  Every piece was honest, perfect and delicious.

For pudding we had a chocolate cake and the cheese board which were perfect. A glass of champagne and it’s all done.

Beyond the food the atmosphere and service were first class. After so many pretentious restaurants meals in London this was a joy.  At £50 a head it was great value.


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