Living in a two speed world – or why do lawyers think it’s 1946

I work in advertising. Sadly, no longer glamorous, profitable or respectable. Our clients have better offices than we do, better looking staff and higher salaries.  But enough of that.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is the demands of clients.  Like so many people, I work under extraordinary time pressures.  Could I decode the human genome by lunch time? Find a cure for cancer by 5pm? Repaint the Sistine Chapel in an hour? Turn water into wine as long as it costs less than a fiver?

But lawyers work in in a parallel universe. Their world is based on a perpetual game of blame shifting. They can never be fast because everything they do is someone else’s fault.  They claim to be focussed on your problem but the other lawyers are always slowing things down.  And the other lawyers say the same thing.

Imagine if you said to your customers “I am awaiting the response to our enquires but our suppliers are waiting for the response to their enquiries”. You would scream, threaten non payment and fire the useless so and so’s.

But the law is a closed shop. They don’t care. The cosy old world of the law isn’t based on customer service, economics or the realities of the Twenty First century.  It’s based on dinners in chambers and a world view that is driven by dealing with 100 clients for 1% of the time rather than 5 clients for 20% of the time.




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