West Bank II: Habu and Hatshepsut

West Bank II: Habu and Hatshepsut
Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt

Day two of the West Bank. This time the temple of Habu. This was in many ways better than Luxor temple. Fabulous exterior carvings and a flock of pigeons swirling around frighted by a falcon. Found a local guide who whisked me into unexpected rooms and chambers. He seemed untroubled by the effects of flash photography on the murals but I decided not to add to the damage in any case. Then onto the Vally of the Nobles and saw a couple of tombs, Ramose the most impressive. Lovely scenes of daily life and completely uncrowded which was a blessing. Finally Hatshepsut temple. This I would have been happy to avoid. Impressive facade carved out of the rock it looks more Nuremberg than Nefertiti but sadly it was over run by coachloads of tourists.

My overall impression is that the West Bank is the hight light of a trip to Luxor and by doing two half days we were able to cherry pick some of the best bits without getting completely exhausted by the process. More importantly we avoided temple/tomb fatigue which would be all too easy to do. Short and sweet beats quantity every time. Remember to carry water with you as it gets extremely hot.


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