Temples and time out

Temples and time out
Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt

I was up at 6am to grab a taxi to Karnak temple. It was relatively empty and the light was fantastic. I was befriended by a simply fantastic old man who showed me some interesting places to photograph and then, after motioning me to silence, started to show me the unofficial tour of Karnak. No security barrier or no entry sign slowed him down. We jumped over rocks and hopped into locked areas where ancient murals were being renovated. He was such a cool guy and clambered over the ruins like a antelope. I on the other hand was weighed down with 40lbs of camera gear lumbered behind him. What a wonderful change Luxor is after Cairo. It’s relaxed, stunning to look at and seems so less frantic. The people are charming and the pace so much more enjoyable.

Then picked up Nagwan our guide and we both headed back to Karnak. Nagwan was such a breath of fresh air and we had a great two hours at Karnak temple. She runs a fashion store in her spare time and was advising Elly on how much we should pay for a rip off Dolce and Gabana T-Shirt. After that, Luxor temple and back to the hotel for lunch and a chance to read in the sun. In the evening we did the Karnak Sound and Light Show. It’s OK but a missed opportunity. My goodness they have the setting but could have done so much more with it. Luxor is what I imagined Egypt to be and it has not disappointed in the slightest.


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