Pyramids and kebabs

Pyramids and kebabs
Giza, Egypt

Giza, Egypt

Up and out to the Pyramids. Strangely unimpressive. Huge, for sure but best viewed from a distance. There is a ridge where you can see the three principals ones and the view across the desert is very striking, almost alien. Fortunately this angle masks the solar boat museum some cretin built in the 1950’s between the two largest pyramids. Time to tear it down.

The problem with the Pyramids is that they don’t improve with proximity unlike the Taj Mahal or Venice which are far better the closer you are to them. The Pyramids’ wonder is their size and iconic shape but this is best viewed at a distance.

Then to Saqqara and an early step pyramid. This felt far more authentic as it was miles from anywhere. The tombs of Merreruka and Kagemni is worth a visit as the internal decorations are stunning. After a stop in Memphis to see the statue of Ramesses II and I decided to do some street photography in the nearby village of Mit Rahinah. The guide was very nervous and insisted on following me down the main street like a UN peacekeeping convoy. I managed almost fifteen minutes before some plain clothed police type asked us to leave town. I’ve attached a few shots.

Lunch was at some mad restaurant on the way back to Giza. We had a table top barbecue which had such dietary sensations as rice and chips and my favorite kofta kebabs and yogurt which Elly christened ***** and whey. Over lunch we wondered if the guide was serious when she said the Belgians had invaded Egypt. We discovered later she had said the Persians but the image of the mighty Belgian empire kept us laughing for quite a while. For dinner we had another Egyptian meal but Elly has now drawn the line at ***** and whey twice in a day so I’ll need to get some variety into our diet.


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