First impressions of Cairo

First impressions of Cairo
Giza, Egypt

Giza, Egypt

Caught a 4pm flight (with a two hour delay) from Heathrow. Four and a half hour flight which was completely unmemorable which in hindsight is just how you want it on Egyptair. Cairo airport is being renovated and so feels new airy and far better than ninety percent of UK airports. Got our bags and were met by someone who really was uninterested in his job, far preferring to regale me with how he drove to Alexandria at 140 miles an hour. Interesting when having a quiet pint with a friend but fairly annoying when you’ve just flown into a new country.

Cairo is a tip. A vast city of over 16m people with almost no urban planning just miles of half-finished rather ugly apartments. It felt more like the outskirts of Mumbai than a cosmopolitan capital city. The hotel we were staying at was the Meridian Pyramids in Giza. Just a stones throw from the monuments themselves and large, well equipped, comfortable but unforgettable.


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