The best photographs aren’t the best photography

Me via iPhoneI’m a photography snob. Ok, I’ll admit it. I believed that vastly expensive cameras and visually perfect lenses were the only way to capture beautiful images.  But I’m changing my mind. It’s rather like MP3s, the audio snobs said they were inferior rubbish, but the world said…you know what, I’ll sacrifice the quality to carry 10,000 tracks in my pocket.

I was the same about the iPhone 3G.  It has a dreadful camera, one that almost every other camera phone could exceed.  Then along came the iPhone app, Best Camera.  In this app you get a few simple filters and effects but could turn a low-res iPhone snap into a stylised image. No you can’t print it, blow it up or anything else but by celebrating the inferior, Chase Jarvis has created a new aMe via iPhone againrt form. To be fair many people are uploading their ‘perfect pixs’ and touching them up in Best Camera but so what. Visit the site today and see why megapixels matter SO much less than creativity.  I think Chase has actually defined a new genre of photography. It is a stellar achievement.

His world is one of compromise, of snatched opportunities, of limited parameters. Give a man 10 filters and he’ll be stylish, give him 200,000 options and you get Photoshop city.

Well done Chase. You’ve changed my world




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