Beware – Good food will kill you

Having just returned from Santa Monica I have a predictable case of Californian schizophrenia to report. In my hotel, which by the way banned smoking within 25 feet of the building, there was a city warning.  This wasn’t the usual smoking/drinking/driving mandatoies – this involved food.  The notice said FOOD IN THIS HOTEL MAY BE CANCEROUS. Well OK you now have my attention but it turned out that they were warning that certain types of fish COULD contain mercury and that pregnant women should stop eating anything until they give birth or they die. They claimed that grilling, that most unhealthy of all cooking methods, could produce cancer causing fumes/traces.

Time to slip into Victor Meldrew mode.  Where in the hell are we if grilled tuna is a cancer risk. Add to that the earthquake instructions and you would inevitably spend your days eating lettuce on the beach. I just can’t believe that a nation that sells so much junk is worried about the possibility of mercury in tuna, shark and swordfish. 

So you can drive a polluting car, eat pizza until you colon bursts and eat Chitos while lying in bed watching Letterman or you can run under a (carcinogenic) sun, eat grilled tuna (carcinogenic) and live under a door jam in case of earthquakes.

Go crazy Santa Monica – eat fish and die


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