Two nations divided by a common problem – healthcare

I am astounded by the vitriol, bile and sputum that has been generated by the current US health care debate and the Republican’s attacks on the NHS. Let’s be fair, I am as unreconstructed a capitalists as you could wish to meet. I don’t have a picture of Margaret Thatcher on my wall but I am a Friedmanite to my core. On the  other hand, I would die in a ditch to preserve the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

The reason is simple. I pay high taxes (40%) not the ill-informed 60% some Americans think we pay.  As part of this sum, I contribute to the health service and my own pension. So what do I get?  The answer is a safety net. However poor you are (or wealthy) you will get treated, you get a doctor and you get subsidised medicine (drugs).  No, it’s not perfect and when my final days come I won’t be on a general ward coughing my last alone.  I’ll be in some private ward with WiFi, a wine list, but I’ll still be dead.

The real issue is what is society for.  If you belive that everyone should have the access to basic human rights (staying alive) then support your President. Americans are staggering energetic, talented, optimistic and bright. So PLEASE think about the 20% of your population who aren’t as successful as you – and suck it up. Be compassionate.  You already give more money per capita to charity than any nation on earth. Just give it to your fellow Americans.


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