Cherries are for summer not for Christmas

If I was the Führer of Nutrition or the Food Czar or whoever is responsible, I’d have one simple rule. Keep food seasonal. I heard a radio report recently where some supermarket buyer claimed his biggest problem was sourcing Avocados in December. For God’s sake, the only place that grows Avocados in December is probably Tuvalu and they only have three trees.

I’m not an ecomentalist. Really, really I’m not. But I believe that over the past three billion years nature has worked out a pretty good plan. Make plants grow and when the fruit is at its most abundant, propagate like hell. Fruits swell, flavour increases and then the fruit and vegetables taste their best.

So let’s stop pretending that Cherries in February are natural or pencil thin Asparagus in October is worth buying. Why should Blueberries be available 365 days a year? All you’ll get is the mutant children of some Kenyan fruit farm or the hideously overpriced exports of some flavourless hothouse in Spain or Columbia. Instead, let’s eat Red and Blackcurrants in the autumn, Apples in winter and everything else as it becomes cheap.

The simple rule of thumb is that when the supermarkets offer 2 for 1 or half price deals, fill your face until the price goes up or the fruit tastes like garbage. So boycott this rubbish, no one is impressed with Raspberries on Christmas Day. Say no.

p.s. This is Cherry season in England. You have about 10 days left. Make your life a world of stones and stalks.



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