The slow decline of Pret a Manger sushi

Prets have been selling pretty decent sushi for over 10 years but during this period I’ve seen a slow slide in quality.  The first thing was Monday’s.  You should never, ever eat sushi on a Monday.  I used to buy it from Pret’s on Oxford Street and on Monday it was vile. Clearly the fish had enjoyed a relaxing weekend in the fridge only to have given up the ghost some time Sunday afternoon.  The flavour of three day old salmon is not one I would recommend.

In those days the deluxe sushi had 4 types of fish: salmon, prawn, un-named white fish and tuna.  They’d also throw in a few cucumber rolls and the usual wasabi and soy sauce. 

But in these cost-conscious and eco-friendly times the story is very different.  Gone is the tuna on environmental grounds (what’s wrong with line caught?) and goodbye strange un-named white fish which might have been halibut.  Now you’re left with cooked prawn, which frankly isn’t really sushi and salmon plus some rolls of the same variety.  The rice is a but crunchy and while the whole experience is probably worth £5 it all seems a bit penny pinching.

So come on Prets let’s go back to the old days – put some variety in it and while you’re at it why not slip in some Colin or Brian or whatever the new mad fish names are.  Still it could be worse.  It could be M&S.


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