A lucky escape? or is Ryanair any good?

Call me a snob. And I’m not ashamed about it. After 48 years on this planet I’ve reached a stage in life where I won’t put up with crap. I won’t accept a 2 hour queue in the rain to save £20.  I value convenience and am prepared to pay for it.  I like to travel from airports I live near rather than hitching into a another country to catch the flight.

So when I heard that I was booked on Ryanair I was more than slightly appalled. The last time I flew Ryanair we spent more on excess baggage than the cost of the tickets and the extras meant the flight to Carcassonne could have been Bangkok. So how was a my recent trip to Dublin?

The bad bits.  The boarding process at Gatwick (not Heathrow…where I can get to in 20 minutes) was horrendous.  The passengers looked like Mr Potatohead with terminally high blood pressure.  The stewardesses were Romanian hookers with the language skills of a third division footballer. And they sold you crap every two minutes.The comfort level was identical to sitting in a plastic garden chain bound with duct tape and I had to pay almost £20 for a boarding pass.

A stewardess asked me what time we were due to take off. Even as a joke I found that a bit creepy.

The good bits. It was 75% cheaper than BA. (as a BA fanboy I find this hard to admit)

So what do I think about Ryanair.  As a marketing guy, I admire their ruthless efficiency but as a customer….come on BA give me a reason to come home.


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